Which Programming Language Is Best For Getting Job

Which Programming Language Is Best For Getting Job

Today we will talk about Top 5 programming languages for you to learn to get a job in 2021 without even needing a college degree.

We are going to be ranking these languages based on three main factors.

1-How easy is Programming?

How easy is Programming?

The question is: How easy it is to learn? So that you can go ahead and build those projects that you want to build that resume that you need.

2-Job Market

job Market

This topic is going to be based on the job market that is why you guys are here.

All that matters is where is the demand and how much are they paying?

What is the overall salary?



How productive can you be with that language?

How fast can you build application?

How to learn Programming Fast?

Nowadays companies, startups they want you to be able to build fast applications in a day in two.

So, pick a language that is efficient and easy to learn.

Let’s Take a deep look at top programming languages that will get you over 100 000 Dollar per year.



I know you are Thinking hey,it’s not interesting, it is bad language, It is hard and not an important language.

But my answer is:


C++ is the first languages that came out.

Not only that this is a language that all the other languages stem from.

If you know C++ you will pretty much be able to learn all the other languages.

Now on top of that some of the top companies Uber, Google, Amazon and Facebook they all use C++.

Gaming companies like EA, Nintendo, Sony and Blizzard are all using C++ for their gaming engine to build games.

So, if you want to build games like Star Wars Assassin’s creed anything else related to games you need to know C++.

Tesla’s auto pilot system is actually built on C++.

What how crazy is that?

According to indeed.com, the average C++ developer still makes a hundred and four thousand dollars.

This is a program language that is not going away anytime soon and is still going to be a very pinnacle of software development.



Now it is a very useful language that is easy to learn and it was built to compete with java.

Right now it is having a crazy comeback.

Here’s why?

Right now windows applications like Microsoft office and Microsoft excel, photo shop, Internet explorer and many more are using C#

On top of this right now VR development which is going really high is actually using C#

If you are interested in building games with c-sharp this is the place to go.

Over a few years coming it’s going to skyrocket “believe me”

There’s an amazing community with C# developers and you will not be left out.

Another fun fact about C# is it’s actually used for building virtual reality games.

As it’s going up in ranks as more people use virtual reality C# is going to be even more popular and more demanded.

According to indeed.com C# right now make over 98 000 on average.

But i really think it’s gonna increase throughout the time with the whole virtual reality aspect.



Java is a very popular language to learn if you are in 2021.
When you are talking about building android applications that is what it’s used for.

It is also used very much known in the enterprise software.

97% of enterprise applications use java for developing large-scale software that means that if you want to work at companies like Google like Microsoft like Uber they all use java for their large applications, web applications enterprise software.

According to indeed.com java developers on average make a hundred and nineteen thousand dollars.

In terms of demand at the time of filming there are over 33 000 jobs.

So the demand is there the necessity is there and based on that it is one of the most demanded programming languages out there.

Now if we do take a look at Google Trends we can see that this programming language is declining just a little bit.

Because all languages like Kotlin which are trying to replace it but i personally think it’s going to take a long time for these languages to replace something as big as java that is used by so many diverse applications.

I personally learned it when i was a beginner as well and so you should learn it too.



Python is a simple programming language it is one of the easiest ones to learn.
As personally do not worry still one of my favorites okay.

This language is actually used by some of the biggest companies in the world.

We are talking google and Facebook to build back-end applications.

With the help of a framework like Django Instagram yes Instagram actually uses python for the whole back end application.

So if you are interested in building back end applications for companies like Instagram and so forth this is going to be the place to do it.

On top of that it is probably one of the most the number one language that is used for machine learning.

Self-driving cars, machine learning and self-driving cars that is built on python.

Even it is also used in face detection.

As well so listen python it is one of the top programming languages it is not going to go away anytime soon.

According to indeed.com on average python developers actually make 117 000 Dollars.

So if you are someone who is interested in building machine learning applications and building back-end applications but this is going to be the programming language for you.

On top of that it’s probably one of the most easiest ones to learn.

Also it’s one of the most demanding ones with over 68 000 jobs.

According to stack over flow survey python is one of the top languages out there too.

Google trends is showing the fact that python is on the actual upscale and because of the amazing community for python because of the amazing libraries like psychic learn like Django that allows people to build humongous applications.

We are talking machine learning, we are talking AI we are talking voice assistants like Siri, we are talking data science or accommodation engines like on amazon where you say hey you might also like this that is why python is so important.



Javascript is a language i always recommend to any beginner.

Not only because it’s so easy to learn but also because it’s visual okay.

You write something and you right away see the results.

This was my first language.

Let’s talk about some facts.

Javascript has been the number one programming language according to stack over flow developer survey.

Applications like Facebook front end like Instagram anything you see on the website what do you think it’s built with?

Oh Man it is Javascript

It’s all Because of its popularity.

We have frameworks like react.js like view.js like English and and many others to go ahead and come in use JavaScript to allow people to build more applications.

Applications for IOS and for android are being built with technologies like react native which is using java script.

For example Tesla app that you see on the app store that is built using javascript that is built using react native.

Netflix and their whole system on the back end they are using node.js with javascript.

If you are an absolute beginner if you are someone who does not know where to start and you are like nas what do i do what i do not know there’s so many options that is my go-to.

According to indeed.com on average javascript developers make over 117 thousand dollars and with the crazy amount of demand there will never be shortage on the amount of jobs that you will have or on the amount of options that you will have.

Best part is the fact that with the javascript you can actually be a full stack developer.

Meaning: If you want to build a front-end application right like Facebook you will use react.js angular js any of those frameworks.

Now also if you want to put the back end side of things the back end application should be called where all the logic happens you will use node.js which is based off of javascript.

That allows you to become that folks developer so that you can go ahead and not only make more money but also be more knowledgeable in the whole aspect of the world wide web.

Quick Overview

Quick Overview
Quick Overview

Now let’s think about this if you want to for example do web applications web development and build applications like Facebook like Instagram then choose javascript.

If you want to do data science and do machine learning and build the voice assistance then choose python.

Now if you want to for example do enterprise level software and build Microsoft apps choose C#.

If you want to do android development then choose java.

And finally if you want to go deep onto AI (artificial intelligence) to build autopilot systems and to do things like game development then choose C++.

Choose one pick one and just go for it.

You can always change it up.

Final Words

So, there you have it the top five amazing program programming languages for you to learn as a complete beginner so that you can go ahead and get that job as a developer. Now do think that the first language that you pick is the one that’s going to define where you go and what your trajectory is as a developer but that is okay i do not want you to put the pressure on yourself because at the end of the day you can always switch just remember pick one.


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