10 Signs of Low Self Esteem | Signs of Low Confidence

10 Signs of Low Self Esteem | Signs of Low Confidence

Self esteem is about how we see ourselves?

When you have low self esteem, you might see yourself as a failure.

You will easily get depressed, stressed or any kind of negative label about yourself and these are the signs when you have low self-esteem you should be aware of.

1- You Feel That You are not Good Enough

How do you see yourself doing things?

Do you feel that you are able and have what you need to do thing or do you feel unconfident and full of hesitation about yourself?

One of the signs of low self esteem is that you are seeing yourself cannot do things right.

Whatever you do you see that you always and will make mistakes.

If you keep doing this your life will end up in stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, other aspects of your life will be affected. How do you see yourself right now.

2- You Find it Hard to Speak up Your Mind

One of the signs that you have low self esteem is you are not able to speak up about what you’re feeling inside.

Especially when it comes to your own needs.

You are also finding it hard to tell others about what you want.

Remember the times when you have some discussion.

When each of the members of the discussion is talking about their wishes you can do the same.

You tend to keep yourself low and out of the radar.

You don’t have the confidence to say about your needs and your point of view.

When it comes to your turn to speak your favorite sentence is ´´i’m all right with that´´ just keep going i’ll follow.

3- You Feel Fear of Failure

What are you going to do when you have to accomplish a new task?

Did you feel confident, or you just turn around the other way and try it as hard as you can to avoid the task.

You are afraid of new things because you have a sense of fear.

A sense that whatever you do, you will fail.

You can take challenges and you are doubting your ability to do things.

How is your response when you are given a new task?

How do you see yourself doing it?

4- You are Saying I’m Sorry for Things Outside of Your Control

One of the signs of low self esteem is your feeling sorry but not in a good way.

It’s normal and nice if you’re politely doing thing.

To feel sorry about your own mistakes are also normal but the things are so much different when you’re feeling sorry about some things outside of your control.

Let’s take an example.

You’re feeling guilty about your colleagues that are getting fired because of their lack of discipline.

The reason you feel that you must apologize is that you don’t help them when they fail to deliver the job.

The guilty feelings get more intense when you have the same position as them.

You think that you should help them as best as you can.

It makes you think you’re not a good friend and you feel that you must say sorry to them.

5- You Do Self Harming Behavior

One of the effects of low self esteem is self harming behavior.

Take a look at your habit right now.

Do you live your life in a healthy way or do you have negative habit.

When you’re doing negative habits you have a risk to make those habits into self harming behavior.

If you keep doing this not only you will harm yourself but you will also harm your loved one.

Do you have a habit? What are those?

Imagine five years from now and you keep doing your behavior as you do today.

Did your habits bring you good or harm instead.

6- Anything Good Happens or Only Pure Luck

Whenever something good or great is happening to you you think that all that happens because you were lucky.

You didn’t see yourself have a contribution to your success even if you’re working so hard every day and night to get your position right now.

What is your answer when someone asks you this ´´wow congratulations you earned this´´?

How will you answer that question?

Will you say ´´Yes, I’m happy with this thanks to my friends, colleagues and those studying nights i’m going through or after i think about it no i’m just lucky there’s someone more appropriate to have this i feel guilty to see them fail i think it’s my fault´´.

7- You Take Criticism too Personal

One thing you cannot avoid is criticism from others.

We are not perfect, and we need others to remind us the things that we still need to improve.

Critics look for someone who has low self esteem.

It may make them break down even for constructive criticism.

What is your response when someone credits you?

Do you see yourself as an unworthy person?

Do you want to yell at any person who gives you criticism?

Now try to remember when someone tells you that you are not a good chef, or your voice is not that good when you sing.

What is your response?

Before you’re feeling broken down remember that you are not getting criticism from gordon ramsay or simon cowell they are just your friends who tell you the truth.

Can you take criticism or do you feel that you cannot handle it?

8- You Can’t Take Decision for Simple Things

You must be aware when you are feeling hard to make decisions for simple things in your life.

Humans are full of needs and tasks to do. When you feel that even the simple things you need to choose to make you overwhelmed be careful.

It might be a sign that you are having low self esteem.

Do you need quite a long time when you have to choose what outfit you must wear today?

Do you feel hard to decide and choose the route into your workplace?

Do you get confused when someone asks you what you want for lunch?

What is your answer when we ask you to choose which one do you prefer?

What is your decision?

9- You Give up Easily

One of the signs that you have low self esteem is when you give up easily.

You feel that even in the starting round you have done so much.

You think you are already giving everything you have but none of it becomes your reward.

You feel that what you’re doing right now is not worth it and you feel confident that the result is the only failure.

From the eighth round you must do.

You stop and give up on the third round.

You realize that you’re not fighting with mike tyson.

Are you?

10-You Feel that No one Will Love You

From the negative behavior bad habit self harm that leads to stress and anxiety.

You may see yourself as a bad and unworthy person.

It can lead to a belief that no one will love you.

You think and feel that you are so bad and you don’t have a right to love and share the love you have.

Final Words

We can assure you that love is what makes the world go around. Everyone deserves to love and feel loved. Take a look around and start to list the names of the people around you. Can you feel the love from them? Self esteem is the way we see our song do you feel happy and thankful for yourself. Right Now! Share your stories with us in the comments below. Which signs of low self esteem that you see you’re experiencing?


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