Top 10 Ways To Stop overthinking in 2021

Top 10 Ways To Stop overthinking in 2021

You may often hear the term overthinking.

Every time you open social media there are many posts about the anxiety and worry, they feel starting from just sharing in the feed to confessions from your close friends.

This feeling of anxiety is felt by many people especially when a pandemic hit.

They worry about their health.

Think about the economic condition because they don’t have a job anymore and are confused about what will happen in the future or are you feeling anxious and anxious yourself which you may not know where it comes from?

10 ways to Stop Overthinking

What is overthinking really?

What can you do to stop overthinking?

Let’s discuss them one by one one.

1- Don’t Let Yourself Drown By Fear

Don't Let Yourself Drown By Fear
Don’t Let Yourself Drown By Fear

In many cases overthinking is caused by one emotion “fear”.

When you focus on all the negative events that may happen it is easy to become paralyzed.

Next time when you feel you start to spin in that direction.


Visualize everything that can be done correctly and keep these ideas always present and ahead.

Ask yourself honestly what’s the worst situation and when you figure out the worst case scenario.

You can also take a moment to consider.

What to do if something is unlikely to happen?

The worst case scenario that can happen in reality is usually not as terrible as the fear shrouded in the mind.

What fear do you feel lately how do you overcome it when it is raised?

2- Do Activities That Brings You Positivity

Do Activities That Brings You Positivity
Do Activities That Brings You Positivity

Diverge your attention from the causes of stress by looking for other activities.

For example, reading novels that you haven’t had the chance to read so far.

  • Trying to write.
  • Gardening
  • Doing Music
  • Making vlogs
  • Doing a little exercise at home.

You can try opening a home-based online business.

For example, making photo and video editing and then promoting it on the marketplace.

Selling ready to prepare frozen food or other home businesses.

Don’t let those negativities concur your mind and your attitude.

Find anything you like to do and see how it affected you.

3- Take Deep Breath

Take Deep Breath
Take Deep Breath

Maybe you’ve heard about this already but the reason why it is such a widely known technique is because of its effectivity.

When you get stressed because of thinking about everything that may happen your breath usually will shorten.

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Sometimes you feel gasp in your breath.

To minimize your stress, do a deep breath to gain control on your mind because as we know it our mind and body are connected.

So, to make your mind calm:

Let’s take a deep breath.

4- Stop Dwelling on Your Problems

Stop Dwelling on Your Problems
Stop Dwelling on Your Problems

When you keep thinking about your problems sometimes, we get trapped on a pattern.

You don’t think about what the solutions are you stuck on the problem itself.

For example, you’ve lost your wallet.

All you have in mind is only how you can lose it.

You are trying so hard to think about the cause and the problem itself.

While on the other hand there are other sides of the tunnel you must reach.

You’ve lost your wallet but there’s something you can do.

You can start to be thankful because you don’t keep your card inside of it.

You can be thankful because you only lost your wallet.

You can still use your phone to call your bank to block all the cards you’ve lost since they stay inside the wallet.

Focus on the solutions lots of problems.

5- Stop Giving A Damn

Stop Giving A Damn
Stop Giving A Damn

There are a lot of things that can make you overthink everything.

Well, the best way to stop overthinking is you can stop giving a damn of it.

You see unpleasant Instagram posts.

You read bad news, or anything just don’t give a damn.

As simple as that from now on you can try to ignore news or news that only brings anxiety.

If you can filter out which ones you really deserve to think about the burden on your head will be reduced.

So, are you ready to not give a damn about anything that can bother?

6- Being Present

Being Present
Being Present

Shift your attention to the present and the present position.



Where are you?

How do you feel?

What are you thinking?

What makes you nervous?

Open the diary and write down your thoughts.

Studies have shown that the habit of writing about our own feelings help us develop metacognitive thinking.

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Turn off the computer or phone for a specified period of time each day and then use the time for one activity.

The purpose of being present is to raise awareness and free yourself from your own thoughts.

How are you feeling right now?

Are you living in the present moment?

7- Do Your Best With No Fear

Do Your Best With No Fear
Do Your Best With No Fear

Sometimes overthinking raises because you feel that you’re not good enough.

You are scared that you will ruin everything.

You are not sure if your paperwork is good enough to please your boss.

You are scared that you are not doing your best to make your family happy.

The fear of overthinking is usually based on your feeling that you are not good enough, not smart enough, not working hard enough or other things that you feel you don’t do your best.

Once you have put your best effort.

Accept It.

Success may depend in part on something beyond your control you have already done.

What you can do?

8- Widen Your Perspective

Widen Your Perspective
Widen Your Perspective

Sometimes what we are concerned about is only “the small things”.

Small things which do not affect you even if it happens.

Whenever you think about something so deeply try to widen your perspective.

Ask yourself is it still matters to you after five years from now?

Will it affect your income?

Is it important to you?

What is your answer?

Share with us what you are thinking about it?

9- Take A Small Step

Take A Small Step
Take A Small Step

Overthinking can be caused by your perspective of seeing something as a big problem in your life.

What you can do is to chunk it into smaller pieces.

For instance you need to get a thousand dollars in the next month to pay your bills.

If you only think about that thousand dollars you can get stress easily.

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Since you see so much money you need to get it.

You can chunk and cut it into small pieces that is 1000 you split it into daily earnings.

You only need to get a 33$ daily more or less.

What problems make you overthink?

Can you divide it into small pieces?

10- Reset Your Environment

Reset Your Environment
Reset Your Environment

Your surroundings and environment play significant roles into your way of thinking.

It’s not just people and groups close to you in real life.

It also includes what you read listen to and watch:

  • Blogs
  • Books
  • Forums
  • Movies
  • Podcasts
  • Music

Try to consider are there any sources in your life near or far away that encourage and tend to generate more thoughts in your thinking.

Think about who or resources have the opposite effect on you.

Find ways to spend more time and energy on people which have a positive impact on thinking.

While the tendency to strengthen the habit of overthinking is reduced.

Take a look at your surroundings.

How do you see it?

Does your environment need to be reset?

Final Words

Overthinking is a problem that is experienced by many people but there are ways to stop overthinking. You can practice it and do it at this exact moment. Which one do you think is the most helpful for you. How does it give you a positive impact on your life? Share with us in the comments.


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