How To Manage Your Time More Effectively | The Untold Tips

How To Manage Your Time More Effectively | The Untold Tips

In today topic, I want to talk to you about the most unique resource that we all share “time”.

I am telling you some best tips to manage your time more effectively.

What makes time such a unique resource.

Well first of all we all have the same amount of it.

24 hours in a day.

60 minutes in an hour.

60 seconds in every minute.

I can’t change that you can’t change that we all have the same amount.

It’s completely perishable and it cannot be stored.

I can’t bank the eight hours that I spend sleeping last night and plan to use them in a couple of days on special projects that i have.

There’s no substitute or replacement for time.

Everything we do requires time.

It is the one true universal condition that we all share.

The problem for many of us though is that we believe we can manage time.

As if we control it somehow but the truth is, we can’t.

Time keeps on moving and we have no control over it.

Manage your time more effectively

You and I have the exact amount of 24 hours a day.

No matter where you are living right now.

Whatever your age and gender.

We all live 24 /7.

The thing is even if we have all the time in this world the outcome may differ from each person.

Some people are more effective and gain more success because they can manage the time.

So, what are some basic and advance rule that I have to follow to manage my time more effectively.

Well, I will provide you some tips that will help you to manage your time.

Tips to manage your time more effectively

I will give you some tips to manage your time effectively. Tell us which tip is more helpful for you.

Do you have some more tips in mind about managing time?

Tell us in the comment section.

Time audit

Time audit
Time audit

Just like money you can make an audit for your time-consuming pattern.

This is important because sometimes we think that we do a lot of work during the day.

You can find it hard to accomplish your main task.

The only thing you do during the day is only putting out the fire.

You finish one thing the other one already waiting.

What happened here?

Have you already made a note about your daily activity?

The idea is you simply write the time frame.

Write what you are doing during that time and for instance you wrote writing emails at 7 to 9 AM.

Doing a meeting 9 to 11AM.

Do a small meeting with co-workers from 11 to 12 AM.

Lunch at 12 to 01 and so on.

After you make a note take a look at your schedule.

You can change the time spent to write emails for instance or you can delegate it to someone else for a lower-level job.

If you find difficulties writing you can install some apps on your gadget to help you make a time audit.

A work with no plan and time cannot get much benefit.

So, manage and schedule your time effectively.

Time limit

Time limit
Time limit

You can still use the time audit note and gain more impact to manage your time effectively.

After you already have all of the daily schedules.

Now it’s a great idea to put a time limit for each task.

Time limitations are usable not only for office work but you can also use it at your daily work from home activity.

You can combine it with a time audit to find the best schedule combination for you.

Don’t give much or less time to anything. Give a proper time to everything.

Use Pareto Principle

Use Pareto Principle
Use Pareto Principle

What is the perio principle?

The simple explanation is you use the 80 to 20 rule.

80 of your result is coming from 20 of your effort.

Take the example of sales.

When you are selling something most of your sales are coming from a small group of customers.

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80 percentage of your sales come from 20 of your customers.

These are your loyal customers.

You can apply the principle to manage your time effectively.

Find the 20 of your time usages that can bring you 80 of results.

For example, you want to find more customers for your service you can put portfolios on your social medias that have the highest traffic.

You can make a post of your service daily.

It can reach hundreds or thousands of your followers.

Break big tasks into smaller tasks

Break big tasks into smaller tasks
Break big tasks into smaller tasks

One reason we can’t manage time effectively is we see our tasks are so big.

We know the finish line but after we do the warm-up the lines are still so far away.

It will affect your motivation.

There’s a reason why every climbing path on the mountains has a checkpoint.

The checkpoint will make the journey more reachable and can evaluate everything we have accomplished.

More of it we can take step by step needed to reach our goals.

What are your goals?

Is it too big for you?

Can you break it into smaller ones?

Tell us your answer about this tip. Do it by yourself. I hope it definitely work for you.

Set a plan

Set a plan
Set a plan

Do you have any idea what you are going to do? The second you wake up every morning or are you still confused and still unsure about what you are going to do for the day?

To become more effective you can make a plan the night before you are going to sleep.

Take 30 minutes before sleep to note some important points to make tomorrow.

If you can’t manage to make a plan before sleep you can do it first thing in the morning so after you wake up you make a three or four to-do list immediately.

In this way you always know what you are going to do first.

Make a plan for today’s activity.

Do most important task First

Do most important task First
Do most important task First

There is a quote from Mark Twain:

If your job is to eat two frogs the best way is to eat the biggest one.

Mark Twain

Well, this is only a parable not to take it literally but the point is you do the biggest one first.

Do you do the hardest one first before you move into another task.

Especially since we all have a natural amount of bigger energy at the AM’s than the PM’s.

In the morning you still haven’t drained yet.

You have full motivation and energy to tackle what is important.

Use Modern Technology

Use Modern Technology
Use Modern Technology

This is the easiest tip to make your time management more effective.

Use the technology out there.

You have everything on your gadget now.

The alarms are not monotonous anymore since you can use spotify to wake you up.

You can make multiple wakes up alarms every minute until you get your body out of the bed.

You can find any Google app to help you manage your schedule.

You can use software which fits you the most.

Delegate Your Tasks

Delegate Your Tasks
Delegate Your Tasks

This is another level of breaking into smaller ones.

When you already break the task but you can’t still manage it it’s time to delegate it to someone else.

Take an example you are a freelance designer.

In the early three months you can do all of the jobs from answering the emails, sending a cold email to clients, dealing with the clients and doing the job but after you have many clients you may need to focus more on the design itself.

You can delegate an emailing task to someone else.

Turn off Social Media Notification

Turn off Social Media Notification
Turn off Social Media Notification

Even If social media is important to promote your work you should consider turning it off.

While you are doing some tasks you can stop the notifications or you can just simply put it on sleep mode because the temptations of social medias are big enough that can make you distracted.

You just want to take a look for only 15 minutes but sometimes there you go you’ve lost two hours only for Instagram, tweet or Facebook.

Take a Break

Take a Break
Take a Break

To keep being productive you must remember that you are not a machine.

Especially if you are doing the job all by yourself.

Taking 17 minutes to break every 15 minutes is a good idea.

If you keep pushing yourself you will get overwhelmed.

When you are too tired you won’t get the result as you want it to be.

hard work is a must but when you are doing it too much you will break down at some point.

Remember you must keep your physical and mental fitness that way you can reach any of your goals.

Final Words!

What do you think about our tips to manage your time effectively? Which one is your favorite and most useful for you share with us in the comment? Do have some more tips about time management that I have not mention there. Well, what are thinking put a comment below. I hope you like our content and tips. Sharing it to keep motivated us. Happy Reading.


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