How to Learn Programming Language Fast

How to Learn Programming Language Fast

Lets start a basic to advance guide about how you can learn programming language fast?

Firstly let us understand why programming is important?

Now as we all know we lived in a digitized era where everything has been shifted to an online platform.

Every organization uses computer technology for their day-to-day operations.

Why Programming is Important?

Why Programming is Important?
Why Programming is Important?

In such an environment it is important for anybody in the IT field or even people unrelated to the IT field for a lot of professions to know programming.

So, at this age of unprecedented digitization computer programming has created endless possibilities only restricted by hardware capabilities.

So currently in this day and age software can achieve almost everything we are only limited by the hardware that we are able to manufacture.

So, let us understand what we can do with it?

Task automation

Task automation
Task automation

Programming can achieve can be narrowed down into four sub categories.

Now these sub categories include task automation which is exactly the core principle as to why programming was found in the first place.

In earlier days people used to perform calculations in order to achieve pinpoint accuracy in those calculations, in order to achieve calculations that were not possible manually.

That were not possible with a pen and paper or with an abacus.

We created computer languages and computer languages are essentially integrating with computer hardware and calculating these things for us that are not possible to achieve in a short amount of time manually.

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So that is what task automation was created.

Nowadays we use it for manufacturing, for pinpoint and laser precision manufacturing.

Because we need to mass produce vehicles, we need to mass produce machines.

Nowadays we also have machine learning and artificial intelligence.

So, they essentially replace the manual tasks required for basically recommending somebody something or for basically understanding how the user wants to behave.

Basically giving the machine a sort of automated pathway to perform its task without human intervention so that is what task automation is for.

Data Crunching And Management

Data Crunching And Management
Data Crunching And Management

All organizations, all companies, all e-commerce organizations even in the scientific community there’s a lot of data that is there.

So, in order to basically crunch that data in order to analyze that data get graphs and insights from that data data crunching is really important.

So data crunching is also possible with the help of programming languages to basically understand the pattern, visualize that data we use programming languages.

Data is also stored; data also has to be managed in databases.

So, there are programming languages which specifically deal with the management of data as well in your disk space or in your RAM.

So, it is important to understand programming from that aspect as well if you’re looking to get into the field of data.

Complex Mathematics

Complex Mathematics
Complex Mathematics

We discussed earlier in task automation, we can essentially create these very complex algorithms that take user input and basically calculate these huge equations in a matter of seconds with the help of computer technology.

We use programming for task automation and we use programming for complex mathematics as well.

Application and Software Development

Application and Software Development
Application and Software Development

We develop application and softwares that we see on the internet, we see websites and we see applications on our mobile phones.

We have desktop applications that achieve various functionalities.

Applications can essentially be found anywhere.

The operating system that you’re currently using on your mobile phone or on your computer is an application itself.

All of these things are only possible with software programming and that is what we need to understand is why programming is so important in today’s day and age.

How do you get started with programming?

How do you get started with programming?
How do you get started with programming?

If you’re interested in this particular field as it has become increasingly relevant and it will continue to become relevant as the world progresses.

How do you get started with it?

Follow some step and guidelines that I will provide you below.

Pick Your Languages First

Essentially people who are reading this content can be of two categories.


The first category could be who are absolute beginners in programming who don’t know any programming language.

Learn Something New

The second category might be people who are looking to learn a new programming language.

People who are beginners we have some recommendations.

Data Releated Programming Languages

Data Releated Programming Languages
Data Releated Programming Languages

If you’re looking to get into data related jobs right where you don’t need developmental knowledge.

If you’re basically not developing software, you’re essentially analyzing data.



You’re managing data, you’re storing data.

In that regard if you’re interested in that you can straight away not even think about it you can get into python.

Python is the most flexible language to handle data and to analyze data.

In Short, if you want to get into data analysis it is recommended that you learn python.



If you’re looking to understand data management as well which is sort of a very important aspect in data related fields you can understand AQL as well.

If you simply want to get into data management you can learn SQL.

It is also recommended for a niche category that you learn SQL as well because sql always comes in handy to manage data.

Web Applications Programming Language

Web Applications Programming Language
Web Applications Programming Language

Web applications are extremely popular you will see websites for every organization or you have websites for Amazon, Google.

All the smaller businesses that are coming up they would require websites as well.

So, they need web developers for that.

If you want to become a web developer you can learn

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

These three technologies basically grant you the absolute basic that you need to get started with web development.

So, if you’re interested in creating web applications you can learn these three technologies.

Once you’re comfortable with these three technologies you can move on to learn frameworks. Some Example of the frameworks are:

  • Angular
  • React

Mobile Applications Development Programming Language
In today’s world everybody has mobile phones, everybody has smartphones with either android operating systems or ios operating systems.

As a Developer, You can develop apps for those particular devices.

Programming Language For Android Devices

If you’re interested in android phones you can learn java.



It is recommended that you start off with java because that is an easier language to sort of understand.

Android is a more flexible sort of technology.

Android phones are readily available so you don’t need to invest a lot in your training procedure because you would need to test out your apps.

So android phones for that are very readily available.

If you’re interested in mobile applications you can start out with java and android.

Programming Language For IOS Devices

If you’re interested in iOS you can learn swift.



If you are a programming lover then you know that IOS devices is most popular it the world.

Not everyone can afford these devices.

But the fact is that it is most expensive devices. Its software developer or a swift developer can get most money out from it.

So, in simple and short word, you can earn a lot by learning swift programming language.

You can learn both as well.

Programming Fundamentals

Programming Fundamentals
Programming Fundamentals

If you don’t want to start off with an actual project.

You want to learn programming from the ground up.

You want to learn absolutely everything about programming so for that it is recommended that you go with the programming fundamentals.

The fundamental languages that cover essentially everything in programming and set you up to learn any other language that you would desire. Most Fundamental Programming Language are following:

  • C++
  • C
  • Java

If you learn one of these three languages you’re absolutely set because they would set you up with the fundamentals of programming.

After you’ve learned any of these three languages it would become extremely easy for you to learn any additional languages like python or javascript or any additional languages on top of it.

Because you would understand the core concept of how programming works.

What topics you should learn?

What topics you should learn?
What topics you should learn?

Whether you’re going for data related web applications, mobile applications or programming fundamentals.

We’re going to be discussing that later on in this article.

How to Learn Programming Language Fast?

How to Learn Programming  Language Fast?
How to Learn Programming Language Fast?

So, you’ve picked your language.

You’ve decided what you want to do.

So, you’ve picked your language up and now what do you do next?

Programming languages are vast often what people do is they try to memorize these languages by watching videos one after another.

They start memorizing these programming language videos and they think that they’re learning something.
but that is not the correct way to go.

The first thing that you absolutely need to do is start solving problems.

You don’t rely on the videos that you’re seeing and don’t rely on your memory essentially because if you don’t implement what you’re doing there’s no point to watching those videos because you’ll forget them.

That is an absolute certainty.

So how do you go about it?



So, the first thing that you need to do is search for a new problem statement.

Go to google.

If you’re a beginner with programming you can essentially type beginner problem statements for that particular programming language.

Type in the programming language that you are currently learning and then type in a beginner problems questions or particular problem statements on google and then get the results.

So, compile a list of questions that you want right in the beginner category and then in the intermediate category and in the advanced category.

Plot out the Algorithm Problem Statement

Plot out the Algorithm Problem Statement
Plot out the Algorithm Problem Statement

This step does not require programming.

In this step you what you’re essentially doing is, you’re essentially writing it down in simple English language.

Search Online for Code

Search Online for Code
Search Online for Code

You’re writing down the steps that you would require in order to achieve this program or this problem statement solution in steps.

Now once you’ve broken down this particular job and steps you can essentially break those steps down into code right.

So now what you can do since you don’t know this new programming language at all.

You can search online for that exact step.

Make sure you don’t exactly search for the solution of the entire problem statement itself.

Make sure you search for the code solution of the steps you’ve breaking down this code into.

So essentially say you’re developing something that essentially adds two numbers.

The first step would for that would be essentially to store one number in one variable the second number in another variable and then the third variable you basically sum it up.

You add the two variables.
So, you basically look for step one which is how to store a number in a variable?

You google that and you will essentially get the answer to that and for that particular language so you implement that code and then you implement the code for addition and then you finally get your results.

If you’re solving the first basic very beginner problem you can get the answer for that online.

So, you now know how to store values in variables and now you know how to write expressions in this particular language.

You’ve already begun your career in this particular technology or coding language.

Verify Input

Verify Input
Verify Input

The next step you can verify the output you can see if it matches the output that was expected for that problem statement.

Once you’ve done that you move on to the next question and you repeat this cycle until you essentially have solved 40 to 50 questions.

This is in a beginner sort of estimate if you want you can go for 100 questions as well.

It depends on how familiar you want to get with the code.

Test your program whatever you have created.

Verify if the output matches what the problem statement is requiring?

Then if there is any issue or if you want to move on to a new project you do the same step once again.

Start a Project

Start a Project
Start a Project

You can essentially pick up a project problem statement and the first thing that you need to do after you’ve picked up a project is understand how you would solve it?

So, you break it down into steps what are the components that are required in this project you take them down into a documentation and then you plot out the algorithm for each of the steps of the project.

Essentially you take step one and you subdivide it further into an algorithm and plot out the steps that you would need to solve it

Then you would solve it using code.

Try to code as much as you can on your own.

Srom your previous knowledge of solving 30 to 40 questions to 100 questions you try to code as much as you can on your own.

Where you have issues there is absolutely no problem at all if you look the solution for it online.

Look for it online for the things that you can’t solve.

Take a Programming Course

Take a Programming Course
Take a Programming Course

If you don’t want to exactly search for all of the code that is there you can basically go for a course as well.

Certification courses can be good for you if you follow the following methodology with certification courses.

If you’re going for a certification course that is full of videos but no hands-on or actual implementations it’s going to do you no good.

Go for a certification course that actually provides you with hands-on.

Say there’s a new topic of that programming language and say you’re currently building variables.

Assignment + Projects

Assignment + Projects
Assignment + Projects

The next thing that is there in the course is assignments and projects based on variables.

So, this cycle continues.

You learn that new topic by watching the videos and then you immediately implement that new knowledge by trying it out yourself and seeing if the output matches what the video says.

By this methodology you’re essentially reinforcing your knowledge and you’re ensuring that you will not forget it by the end of the course.

This is how you would go about it.

Important Topic for Programming

If you want to understand which topics should you focus on.

Confused here.
Okey I Got it.

Any programming language essentially has four to five fundamental aspects.

If you’re looking to strengthen your basics these topics are extremely important.

Variables and Constants

Variables and Constants
Variables and Constants

Firstly you need to understand variables and constants right.

Anything in a programming language is essentially either stored in a variable or in a constant.

These could be number values, these could be string values, these could be true or false. which are boolean values these could be decimal which are stored in double so anything in that regard you have to understand variables and constants.

These sorts of things are very important for any programming language.

Every programming language has their own way of implementing these.

Make sure you understand how the programming language that you’re currently trying to learn is implementing variables and constants.

Functions and Classes

Functions and Classes
Functions and Classes

These are extremely important for code modularity because you are essentially going to be reusing code a lot.

In order to reuse code, you need to understand functions and classes so that you don’t have to essentially write a huge program that is achieving the same thing again and again.

So, you’re essentially increasing your task, you’re increasing the lines of code in your program when you can simply reuse.

You create functions and classes for usability.

Data Structures

Data Structures
Data Structures

Data structures are of many types.

  • Arrays
  • Multi-dimensional arrays
  • Binary trees
  • Queues and stacks
  • understand data structures
  • Implement data structures

These are extremely helpful when you’re dealing with data related tasks.

These are extremely important when you’re dealing with loops.

You need to understand data structures.

How to loop in the programming language?

How to loop in the programming language?
%How to loop in the programming language?

In order to loop through data structures in order to basically perform a task repeatedly until a certain criteria is met you need to understand how iterations and loops happen.

Loops are very frequently found in programming languages in web technologies in applications and mobile applications and even in data analysis.

You need to understand how loops work in that programming language?

Final Words
These are the basics of whatever programming language you decide to learn. Make sure you learn these four before you move on to further programs further advanced knowledge in that particular criteria. I hope all of our content is super helpful for you. Happy Reading


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