How to Learn English Faster And Easy

How to Learn English Faster And Easy

You want to English Natively. Well, I am going to share with you some amazing tips to speak English faster and better.

I will give a straight roadmap and a step-by-step guide about how to learn English faster.

So, Lets Jump into our Topic.

Native speakers don’t necessarily speak english faster than non-native speakers.

When we speak, we simply join or connect words together as one instead of just sounding out each individual word separately.

And these words that we join together as one in english are called informal contractions.

Now informal contractions are short forms of other words or phrases that we have in English.

Now informal contractions are very similar to slang in the way that they’re both used in informal speech but they’re not exactly the same.

For example, let me.  

It is the short form of let me and if you say let me really fast in english it sounds like lemmy.

So instead of “let me talk to mom a native speaker would say “lemme talk to mom”.

This would be an informal contraction.

Today, we will be looking at some common informal contractions that you can use to speak english fast and sound more like a native.

Do you want to dance?

Now instead of saying want to do you want to dance we can join one and two together to say wanna.

Then the sentence becomes:

Do you wanna dance?

We can make it even shorter and saywanna dance wanna”?

Now instead of one two we can also say want a do you want a hug and instead of do you want a hunk you can say do you wanna hug.

Let’s take Some More Examples example.

I am going to ask him on a date

Now instead of using going to we can say: i’m gonna ask him on a date.

I have explained some phrases or sentences of English now its time of tips.

I have explained some tips to learn English fast. I hope all of these tips are super helpful for you.

Tips to learn English fast

Here I will explain you some techniques to become a better English learner.

By using these techniques you’ll become more fluent more quickly.

In the end of this Article, you’ll have some useful techniques to help you become a better English learner.

Mostly asked Question about English Learning is:

What makes a good language learner?

There are some things that good language learners do consistently.

Here I’m going to give you the most useful suggestions from those studies.

Read everything you can

This content will be full of new vocabulary new expressions and new grammar.

There is l also be many things you already know. One big advantage of reading is the language is right there it’s not moving so there’s no pressure because you can look back over it as many times as you need to.

This helps you improve quickly because you’re being re-exposed to vocabulary you already know, expressions you already know in a different context.

That will reinforce those words in your mind.

You’re also learning new words and new expressions and this is really important in english to build your vocabulary.

But don’t just read and move on.

Understand the word, translate it in your own language and speak what you learn and what you have practiced.

Takes Some Notes

Either in a notebook or on your phone for example whenever you hear or read a new expression or a new word write it down.

Write it down in context that is in a sentence and also write down the meaning.

Remember to periodically review your notes.

Otherwise you’ll just forget everything.

Find the meaning word or phrase

Good language learners use dictionaries all the time.

But we have to use an English-to-english dictionary.

Install this chrome extension to setup dictionary. The link of this dictionary is given below.

It is a Chrome extension and plus point is that it is developed by Google.

So, install it quickly and learn the meaning of Unknown words.

Using an english-to-english dictionary will help you start thinking more in english and give you more practice because you’ll see more words.

Think in English

Don’t translate into english from your own language.

Well, how do we do this?

You can start with single words.

Name things that you see around you in your day-to-day life and then you can move on to sentences.

Think to yourself what you are currently doing in english.

When you’re shopping or just walking down the street think of useful phrases and words.

When you’re at home think about what it is you’re doing in english to yourself number.

Take Part in group activities

You’re learning english so you can speak to other people.

So, find other people you can speak with.

A good language learner is always looking for opportunities to use the language they’re learning.

Look for native speakers and maybe arrange an informal language exchange or look for online courses.

Find a tutor.

Find opportunities where you can practice speaking with other people.

Don’t be shy.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Smart language learners notice their mistakes and learn from them.

Talk with more people as fast as you can.

Start with one word and then move on to sentences or phrases.

Starters will face failure but, in the end, you will find something better in yourself.

Speak with people thinking without thinking about mistakes.

Maybe they laugh when you speak. But you need to be focus and Be confident whenever you are speaking.

This will make you a better English speaker.

Be Patience

Learning english is a marathon it’s not a sprint it’s a long process.

There are going to be times when you lose motivation that’s when it’s good to be able to picture yourself speaking english fluently.

No one can become and expert in one day. The success is a long-time process.

Take a long breath and stay there where you started.

Make more mistakes.

Yah, Make more.

This will make you more perfect and better in English speaking.

Enjoy what you speak

Have fun with learning english.

Watch a movie or a tv series read a good book listen to songs play video games it’s never too late to become a good language learner.

Final Words!

These are Some tips for becoming a better language learner and becoming more fluent in english. All of our content is done through a deep research. So, share this content with others. If you have a better tip that I have not mention in my checklist then leave your comment with your tip. Stay connected with us.


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