Best Way to Learn Artificial Intelligence in 2021

Best Way to Learn Artificial Intelligence in 2021

Hey everyone, today we are going learn artificial intelligence techniques in simple and easy way.

This guide is going to be simple, effective and easy.

Let’s start our learning journey.

Easy Way to Learn Artificial Intelligence

Companies across every industry use AI nowadays.

The reason for this is pretty simple.

Companies gain a technological edge when they integrate AI at scale.

According to estimates by Mckinsey AI can deliver 600 billion dollars of value in retail bring approximately 50 incremental value in the banking sector compared with other analytic techniques and boost a revenue jump of 89 % in transport and logistics.

So, AI is a versatile field and it’s worthwhile to learn the different techniques in this field.

I’ll show you three ways you can learn artificial intelligence techniques easily.

What Exactly Artificial Intelligence is?

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence essentially studies how the human brain thinks, learns, works and makes decisions.

You really need to understand what intelligence software is at the core of AI?

Even tech savvy individuals are fascinated by what ai can do?

This amazing article explains the basic principles of AI.

Today, AI based computers driven by intelligent software can beat world-class chess champions, so I’d say the world has slowly taken a turn during the last 10 years.

Let me quickly show you the major AI breakthroughs since 2010.

What is Siri 2010?


The virtual assistant’s era began with Siri.

This intelligent personal assistant replaced keyboards and touch screens.

A highly natural voice was the main feature of siri and siri would answer questions, make recommendations, schedule events, run searches and adjust device settings.

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The other thing is as more users interacted with siri this virtual assistant adapted better to their individual preferences.

Amazon’s similar voice interface Alexa caught up with siri four years later and Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana arrived soon after.

What is Imagenet Challenge 2015?

Imagenet Challenge
Imagenet Challenge

In 2015, Google and Microsoft developed machines that beat humans at image recognition.

This major milestone was achieved at the sixth edition of the ImageNet large scale visual recognition challenge.

Deep learning algorithms enabled the machines to beat humans at identifying images and objects in more than one thousand categories.

The algorithms were obtained from different versions of artificial neural networks or ANDS and these algorithms imitated the human brain in the way they worked.

This exciting new breakthrough resulted in the automation of tasks that require recognition of a person or an object and then make a decision on what to do next based on that recognition.

What is Open AI 2018?

Open AI
Open AI

Open AI is an AI research and development company created a bot that beat the world’s best dota 2 players.

This bot was in fact an algorithmic team named open AI5.

Dota 2 by the way is a multiplayer battle arena online video game.

Each algorithm learned how to play this game first using a neural network.

The algorithm cooperated with its AI teammates next.

The algorithms didn’t use tree search or imitation learning instead they learned by playing against various versions of themselves.

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Since algorithms generally operate independently open AI’s breakthrough resulted in a major new direction for AI.

This was a step towards developing AI systems that were capable of accomplishing well-defined goals in messy complex situations involving real humans.

Many new AI milestones are being attained every year.

The possibility of witnessing super intelligence over the next few decades is real.

With AI expected to predict earthquakes, write literaturem create artwork, decipher vatican’s secret archives or drive fully autonomous cars.

Super intelligence is simply a question of when and not if.

Trend Of AI

Trend Of AI
Trend Of AI

During the past 20 years AI systems have relied on improvement in the following four areas.

  • Availability of more data
  • Increased computing power
  • Better algorithms
  • Better tools

There is a potential for enormous improvements in all these four areas and thanks to cryptography and blockchain it’s become simpler to develop AI solutions that also facilitate AI model building.

Deep learning relies heavily on computer power to solve the most complex problems and with current technology learning may take a long time to be of any value hence there is an urgent need for large scale advances in computing power.

The good news is with the new computing technologies it won’t be long before companies have AI models that can quickly learn to solve the most complex problems.

What do people say about artificial intelligence?

What do people say about artificial intelligence?
What do people say about artificial intelligence?

Some people say that AI has the potential to save humanity.

Others claim that AI will destroy humanity but regardless of how people view AI there is no technology that has received as much attention as it has in recent years.

Tips to Learn AI Fast

Now is the best time for you to learn AI techniques.

Worldwide more and more companies are increasingly reliant on AI to help them perform an assortment of essential business activities and the best part is:

They don’t even realize it.

The truth is even the experts don’t know the capabilities of AI.

The next step is to focus on developing specialized AI skill sets.

1- Focus on Developing AI Skill

Focus on Developing AI Skill
Focus on Developing AI Skill

Artificial Intelligence is considered the fourth industrial revolution.

Although the origins of AI go right back to the 1950s.

It’s only now that this field is dominating every sector and the AI revolution is expected to transform most people’s jobs and lives over the next decade.

Artificial intelligence is already the leading technology that is ruling the current marketplace.

AI packs the power to completely transform the way business organizations operate also AI has brought about a large-scale change in the way team members interact with each other in the execution of complex tasks.

The use of technology has been increasing at an unprecedented pace over the last 10 years.

Fortunately, the methods being developed to fulfill this increasing demand are almost perfect so we have reached a point where digital channels are the norm as they provide the high tech with the brain it needs.

A typical AI system senses its environment and takes the necessary action to maximize the chances of successfully achieving its goals.

The constant increase in AI’s business application means you need to focus on developing some specialized skill sets only then can you get on the AI bandwagon and take your career to a new level.

Let’s quickly look at three major skills you need to focus on to learn AI techniques easily

2- Ability to Stay Updated and Understand New Concepts

Ability to Stay Updated and Understand New Concepts
Ability to Stay Updated and Understand New Concepts

The quickest way to learn AI techniques is to have an innate passion for keeping yourself updated with the most recent developments in the tech industry.

You should strive to update your knowledge and familiarize yourself with the advanced development theories, tools, algorithms and more.

You need to cultivate a natural interest in participating in various online forums and communities that cater to AI aspirants and professionals.

You must sharpen your AI knowledge by attending online AI webinars and going through online AI courses and tutorials.

3- Natural Creativity

Natural Creativity
Natural Creativity

You need to develop a curious and creative mindset to learn AI techniques easily.

This will help you in discovering imaginative ways to approach common problems and come up with creative solutions for resolving them.

Also this approach will allow you to use abstract information efficiently and develop a clear understanding of the possibilities to process this information well.

4- Patience and Perseverance

Patience and Perseverance
Patience and Perseverance

AI is a fairly new technology.

Even experts are still working overtime to discover new methods and tools for making the online AI community much more efficient.

This is the reason you need to have a persistent attitude.

You need to be patient enough to cope with repeated failed attempts and countless iterations to achieve the desired result.

It’s not enough if you’re passionate.

You also need to stay motivated to try hard and never give up.

The only way you can stay at the forefront in this domain is by keeping yourself abreast of new developments.

It’s also important that you’re enthusiastic about your new career move.

Final Words

These are the best tips and ways to learn artificial intelligence easily. There is no shortcut and there is one step guide. You have to walk on long roads of AI to achieve the best of the best.


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